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“All the lonely people where do they all come from?”

Beatles, “Yellow Submarine” album, 1966


Most people know Emerson Rigby (1882-1945) as the uncle of Eleanor Rigby (1895-1939) of Beatles’ fame.


But Emerson Rigby was also one of the greatest mountain climbers of his era. Along with his life-long friend, Victor Frisbee, the Australian-born adventurer, philanthropist and humanist, he conquered some of the most challenging mountain tops in the world. From the Rocky Mountains in Colorado all the way to Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa – the duo Rigby-Frisbee - set new climbing standards that are being upheld until this very day.


Emerson Rigby was known for his meticulous climbing-plan, investment in thorough learning of the turf, developing a systematic approach to climbing and carefully step-by-step implementing his plan.


He died in 1945, heart broken by Eleanor Rigby’s untimely passing at the age of 44. She was his only relative.


His best friend Victor Frisbee lived longer. Frisbee died in Los Angeles in 1962, only hours after being honored by Mayor C. Norris Poulson during the Rose Parade in Pasadena, CA.


The legend of Emerson Rigby touched our hearts. He is the embodiment of all that we believe in: constantly aspiring to reach the top, strong belief in the implementation of incremental growth and making significant investment in research. These are our trademarks.

The story of Emerson Rigby is very powerful and even fantastic. The only problem is that it’s 100% fabricated.


The name ”Emerson Rigby” was randomly chosen with several goals in mind: securing an available domain, identifying a catchy and memorable name and a name that easily and readily creates some international associations.


So, we randomly picked two words:


The name of our alma mater (Emerson College) and the name from the popular song we love (Rigby).


It could have been “Frisbee Young” or “Bradley Wakefield”. If we wanted to limit ourselves to a certain area, we could have named our company “Southern Frisbee” or “Wakefield Orient”.

But this is our name and we like it.

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